Q4C2 judge selections

1 May

Champions division winner is Zapato Bebe.   Brittany Johnson took  the popular vote.  Zapato was a unanimous selection by all the judges.

Grassroots division winner is Hanna Van Inwegen.  Regan Ellis got the popular vote.  Izzy Gorowsky got 1 vote from a judge,.    This was a great group, and  the winner is Hanna.


CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE CONTESTANTS!  Your work was viewed world wide, and more great creativity to come!

One Response to “Q4C2 judge selections”

  1. Hanna V. May 2, 2013 at 10:05 pm #

    Thank you so much!! It’s an honor to be the winner and it was a lot of fun. Good job to Libby, Jade, Esther, Regan, Chelsea, Isabel, Liadan, Jack, Shelby, and Izzi! You guys all choreographed really great programs!! Thanks to Sheila and Audrey for creating this competition and to Erynn and Amanda for voting for me.

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