The YAS4 Challenges

10 Jun

YAS4   Challenges

Create a piece based on ethnic dance and global cultures.  Piece must be well
researched.  Provide a short explanation of your selected culture (20 sec).    2
– 3 min.
Camera can move.
2-6 skaters

Create a piece using a piece of material, cloth  or a towel as your prop.  It
can be any size, part of a storytelling, or an accessory.   It can be symbolic
or used as a tool.  You may have more than one piece of material or it can be
just one cloth. The piece must have a reveal in it. Judge Sarah Kawahara will
elaborate more on this.
2-3 min
Camera can move
1-4 skaters.

Create a piece using the music Oh Earth Oh Earth Return composed by Bill
Douglas.  You may combine it with other music or just that selection.    You may
combine with another poem, or integrate a poem into your piece.
2-3 min
Stationary camera any location in rink.
2-4 skaters

Create a piece based on a mythological person or creature.   You may use the
character in the traditional setting (Godzilla eats Tokyo)  or add a twist
(Tarzan goes to NY).  Provide a brief explanation about your character and their
story in writing.
2 min.
Stationary camera rinkside.
1-2 skaters

Create a piece to a solo instrument, violin, flute, harpsichord, guitar, cello,
etc.  From the baroque, classical or romantic periods. ( before 1900)  Provide a
short description of the composer and characteristics of the time when the music
was composed.    This challenge must also include these requirements,
1.  Solo instrument
2. a section with two foot skating (minimum 10 seconds)
3.  a section using toe and heel work, no gliding (minimum 10 seconds)
4. a section with skidding, scratching and stopping (minimum 10seconds)
5. no  repeated crossovers allowed, but you may cross your feet to transition
6. create a figure type print with basic school figure elements that you combine
in any manner to make your own figure.
7. There will also be a set of steps you must include in the piece that will be
sent to you in writing.
8. NO traditional jumps allowed, ie. Axels, salchows, toe loops, loops, flips
and lutzes.  Fun innovative cool jumps allowed.
2-3 min.
Stationary camera rink side.

You will be assigned a mentor for guidance, but they will not be allowed to make
artistic suggestions, only offer general feedback.   This is a new feature for

contest is from Aug 9-Sept 6 (5 weeks)
The finals will be in Dec 1, 2013 in Washington, DC.

This season the challenges will be announced on June 10 to give participants
more time to prepare and organize possible talent.   The selected contestants
Will be notified no later than June 15.

A reminder- all performers wear basic black training outfits, no costumes
allowed, this keeps an even playing field for all YASers.

When in doubt, ask Audrey, or better known as Aud mama.

Audrey Weisiger

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