Challenge 4- Mad Libs Music assignments

24 Jul

The music descriptions have been issued.  Each MKYASer was told the origin, style, primary instruments, purpose, Timbre, emotion, and a possible situation or scene…a highlight or suggestion or two for fun.  They will not hear the music until after their pieces are posted.  we will view them first without the music and then with it added.  The point is not about them trying to guess their music, but creating from the words, and then the message or story will be made even clearer with music.


here is an example of how this works- Origin- Russian, style- classical, primary instruments- full orchestra, purpose- dance, Timbre- fast, lively, loud, emotion- energetic, machismo, aggressive

scene- dancing to show off prowess


It is in the storytelling that the creativity of the YASer gets revealed.


music possibilities- Sabre Dance, Russian Sailors Dance, etc.

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