Shauna picks her favorite Q4C pieces

1 Jun

So fun to watch and enjoy the videos. Even better to see all the talent out there!
In both categories I found 2 strong programs in each that were soooo close.

I had to watch multiple times as I found these 2 so close…
FAV- MOLLY!!! Use of ice and of body positions. I found her transitions very interesting, connecting every step with fun little details. I like that she seemed to understand use of space. I wanted to see more!
Very close to her was ELIZABETH MISSION
The fluidity of her movements, the quality and styling of the program, again connecting every step. Stunning and beautiful to watch.
I would have either one of these skaters choreograph for my skaters!!

WOW! I had 3 that stood out for different reasons. After much thought and getting down to little details I choose:
FAV – BROOKE!! Great use of her whole body and levels. Loved change of tempo & direction.
Tied for runner up (if such thing)
Liadan- that layback position!! Love seeing her play with different positions
Anna- fun & musical. Kept the energy throughout, good transitional steps

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