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Matej Silecky’s bio for the YAS4 Grassroots division.

19 Jul

Matej Silecky, Grassroots applicant

9 May


Matej was working on Challenge 1 when the Grassroots division was cancelled, thus we welcome his debut work.

Grassroots update

2 Sep

MKYAS4 Grassroots contestant Matej Silecky has decided he is unable to complete the event.  We are very happy that he was part of MKYAS4 for the first 4 challenges and wish him all the best, and look forward to seeing his awesome work in the near future.

MKYAS4 Ch 3 popular vote

26 Aug

Congratulations to Grassroots contestant Matej Silecky and Champions contestant Nanoha Sato on winning the popular vote.  They each get 1 star added to their total for Challenge 3. 

MKYAS4 Star tallies for Ch 1 Grassroots

11 Aug

Nancy Chacurian-Viveiros Craig Heath Mark Hanretty Denise

Izzi Gorowsky-5 4.5 4.0 1
Matej Silecky- 4.0 3.5 3.5
Madeline Stammen-3.5 4.0 3.0
Allison Merges- 3.5 4.0 3.0

popular vote winner will get one star added to the judge tally. Allison Merges wins pop vote and gets 1 star added

Izzi- 14.5
Matej- 11.0
Allison- 11.5
Madeline- 10.5

Thank you MK Blades

4 Dec

Photo: The amazing 2013 MKYAS4 Family!  (With some crazy eyes!!) LIVE stream of the show SUNDAY 2:30 eastern!  Link:

Doug Webster, Izzi Gorowsky, Allison Merges, Madison Vinci, Yebin Mok, Zabato Bebe, Adam Blake, Audrey Weisiger, Sinead Kerr, Trevor Laak, Eliot Halverson, Matej Silecky, Kimmie Meissner at the dinner hosted by MK.  Good times!

YAS4 Contestants selected

16 Jun

Champions Division-

Yebin Mok

Zabato Bebe

Rebecca Erb

Justine Kelleher

Eliot Halverson

Kate McSwain

Katherine Hill

Nanoha Sato

Grassroots Division-

Madeline Stammen

Matej Silecky

Allison Merges

Katie Tetzloff

Izzi Gorowsky

Contest begins Aug 9.  Watch for contestant bios and updates in the coming weeks.


27 Feb

YASers Adam Blake, Robert Mauti, Kate McSwain, Garrett Kling, Mark Hanretty, Erynn Komes, Matej Silecky and Liadan Emmert have an exciting opportunity to have their work performed at Rockefeller Center March 27 (raindate 28) and you can support them through this great Kickstarter program.   Help  artistry thrive, every little bit helps.