Quest For Creativity

Quest for Creativity is your chance to show any piece you choreographed to the world!   Pieces are voted on by former YAS contestants, along with the popular vote which counts as one vote, and the  video with the most votes wins.  The winning choreographer receives $300.

There are two divisions according to birthday on May 1, 2018- Grassroots age 15 and under, Champions age 16 and up.  SPECIAL CATEGORY-Former YAS contestants and Q4C winners.

Deadline to enter May 1, 2018.   Last day to post video May 23, 2018, winners announced May 31, 2018.

Your piece has a 2:40(plus or minus afew seconds)  time limit…and there are no other restrictions!

REMINDER THIS IS ONLINE ONLY and there will be no live finals for this category.

This Is What Inspiration Looks Like!


The Young Artists Showcase/Quest For Creativity will foster and encourage young ice skating choreographers by giving them experience and opportunity to showcase their works and talents.


Applicant’s Checklist

Have you completed the following?


The completed application emailed

 on or before May 1, 2018

  • Application Form (personal, skating, and contact information)
  • Entry fee $75.00 

(Send check or PayPal; no cash, please)   Check made out to Grassroots to Champions 6605 Briarcroft Street  Clifton, VA 20124

  • “Grassroots” Division Permission Form (for applicants under 16 yrs.)





Name: ________________________________________ Age:_________ Date of birth: ___/___/___


Address:_______________________________City:__________________State:       ______ Zip:____


Parents’ names (Grassroots Division only): ______________________________________________


Phone numbers: (Home)_________________________(Cell)________________________________


Email address:____________________                                __________                                         


PSA, USFSA and/or ISI Member Number(s): ____________________________________

I, _____________________________________, have read the rules and eligibility requirements. I promise to participate in good faith, creating my own choreography without outside help.



 (Signature of applicant)______________________________Date:____________

The entry fee includes a free YAS/Quest For Creativity t-shirt

Size (Circle):  Youth Large/Adult Small/Adult Medium/Adult Large/Adult Extra Large


  • Entry fee (Visa/MasterCard/PayPal; no cash, please)

Payment Method:   FILL OUT NEATLY


0 Credit Card:  Circle Type of Card –   VISA     MASTERCARD

Card Number:                                                                                               Expiration Date:                              

Exact Name On Card:                                                                                                                                             




0 IF YOU WANT TO PAY – WITH PAYPAL – MAKE A $75.00 “Donation” at the YAS PayPal Site:

We’ll receive the confirmation – and know that was your entry fee.  

Make sure you also email us your full application after making payment. 



Email Applications (with payment information completed) to:


You will upload your piece onto You Tube or Vimeo and then send the link to



SUPPORT YOUR ART!   Be a “Friend Of YAS!”

Donate online at:



(Get all your friends to watch & vote!)





















Grassroots Division: Parental Consent Form

(16 years of age, and younger)


Name of Child                                                                                                                        

Date of Birth                                        


Parent/ Guardian                                                                                                                    




Telephone (Day):                                              Telephone (evening):                                      



Sometimes a newspaper reporter or figure skating websites may ask to interview or take pictures of participants(s).  There will also be times when pictures and/or information about the event will be posted on the Grassroots To Champions Web Site.  Grassroots To Champions periodically uses photographs and video footage of participants in its advertising/marketing material.  This media and/or instructional purposes, without cost or charge whatsoever to Grassroots To Champions.


In consideration of being allowed to participate in any way in the Grassroots To Champions, Young Artists Showcase (“YAS”), related events and activities, including but not limited to programs at the events and off ice, I hereby agree/give my consent for myself/my child (as parent or guardian) to participate.

I acknowledge that ice skating is inherently dangerous, I agree that Grassroots To Champions, YAS, Quest For Creativity, their agents, servants, and employees
shall not be liable to me (my child) for any injury or damage, however caused, resulting directly or indirectly from my child’s participation in the projects whether incurred on the ice or otherwise, in or about the buildings, at any time preceding, during, or subsequent to the events, and I hereby discharge Grassroots To Champions, their agents, servants, and employees from all actions, claims and demands I (my child) may have for any such injury or damage.

I further acknowledge and agree that Grassroots To Champions and YAS do not insure, and will not be expected, at any time, to insure the safety or the proper state of repair of my child’s equipment used by my child during the Competition and that Grassroots To Champions does not, and shall not be considered to, guarantee or warrant the instructional materials used by it during the Competition.

I also understand that my agreement, releases, and discharges herein shall bind my heirs, legal representatives and assigns and shall endure to the benefit of Grassroots To Champions, YAS, Quest for Creativity, their agents, servants, and employees, and their successors and assigns.

a)       I agree to my son/ daughter taking part in G2C/YAS/Quest For Creativity

b)      I understand that my child must be available to create one video, AND UPLOAD IT BY May 23, 2018.  This initial upload will be to YouTube. Email the link to

c)     All judging decisions will be final.

Signed                                                                                                  (Parent/ Guardian

Any more questions feel free to contact Audrey: CLICK HERE!

Answers to:  Frequently Asked Questions

  1. ONLY 2:40 time.   Give us your most creative program!!! Props ok.
  1. You can be your own  “talent” on camera OR you can have other skaters perform your  choreography.
  1. Once your application has been received (and payment verified), you may upload your piece and then send the link to
  1. Submit applications before close of  entry deadline.  No late  applications will be accepted.  (May 1, 2018.)
  1. T-Shirts will be mailed in June 2018.
  1. Questions?  Email  Audrey Weisiger
  1. Emphasis is not on technical skills (jumps), rather the use of skating to the music and creativity.
  1. Contestants must post their work as directed by the deadline of May 23, 2018.
  1. All work MUST be your  own, without any outside help.
  1. YOU CAN WEAR ANYTHING!  BUT, it must be appropriate.

12.  You can reference SEASON 1 – Q4C at:   This will give you examples of other works received.

13.   All decisions are final. 


SUPPORT YOUR ART!   Be a “Friend Of YAS!”

Donate online at:

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