YAS3 Challenges and Videos

YAS 3 has 5 Challenges listed below. Click on each challenge to go directly to that challenges video page!

1.  Word

2. Tribute to the Masters

3. Play Ball

4. Singer-SongSKATER

5. This one’s For You.


1.  Word

A solo that is built around one word and what that word means to you, makes you feel when you hear it, how you might use it in a sentence and what you think that word moves like.  Skater must be on camera at all times.

Any type of jumps and spins allowed.

No lyrics  2:30-3:00 min time limit

Stationary camera, side of rink, use zoom,

No auditory introduction, just name, icon, piece, icon, your word


2. Tribute to the Masters

A piece based on the life and times of one of your favorite dance choreographers(floor, not ice). Solo.  Skater must be in camera shot whole video.

Any Type of jumps and spins allowed.

Lyrics ok. 2:30-3:00 min time limit.

Stationary camera at side of rink, use zoom.

Intro of 20 seconds max., why this choreographer has impacted your artistry, name, icon, piece, icon


3. Play Ball

A piece based on another sport or activity that uses balls.  One to four skaters, and only one ball per person.  Ie.2 skaters, up to two balls, etc.  No other props may be used.  Skaters may be on or off the ice and come into and out of shot.

Single jumps and all spins allowed.

Lyrics ok. 2:00-3:00 min time limit.

Camera is stationary, but maybe placed anywhere in the rink to shoot the video.

Intro the skaters, the activity, name, icon, piece, icon, names of any additional skaters.


4. Singer-SongSKATER

A piece performed to the songs written and performed by Connor Garvey, with solo, duo or trio skaters.  Contestants will have access to all his music.  Skaters must be on camera at all times during the video.

All jumps and spins allowed.

Lyrics ok, may be quoted. 2:30-? time limit.  Some of the songs are quite long, you may use them full length, combine or edit as you wish.  Length within reason.

Camera may move with the piece.

Introduce yourself and why you chose this song (s). you may have up to 20 seconds max for intro, name(s), icon, piece, icon

You may Facebook Connor for background or visit http://www.connorgarveysongs.com

You can click this link to gain access to ALL FOUR OF HIS ALBUMS. You’ll have to enter the password: YAS3 You might want to start finding some of your favorite tunes or the ones you might connect to the best…just saying… ( This link does NOT work on a mobile device, just computers)


Password: YAS3


5. This one’s For You.

Create a piece that you would like to see performed by a particular skater(s) ie. Arabesque for Janet Lynn,  I can Do That for Michael Weiss,  Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better for the Hughes sisters….etc.  up to 6 skaters may be used.

Any type of jumps and spins allowed.

Lyrics ok. 2:00-3:00 time limit.

Camera can move with the piece.

20 second intro max, may include suggested themes etc., a personal message for that skater, name, icon, piece, icon.

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