YAS 3 (4. Singer-SongSKATER) Videos

Mark Hanretty

Katherine Hill

Garrett Kling

Amy Nunn

Bebe Liang

Robert Mauti

Sean Rabbitt

Mirielle Chambers

A piece performed to the songs written and performed by Connor Garvey, with solo, duo or trio skaters. Contestants will have access to all his music. Skaters must be on camera at all times during the video.

All jumps and spins allowed.

Lyrics ok, may be quoted. 2:30-? time limit. Some of the songs are quite long, you may use them full length, combine or edit as you wish. Length within reason.

Camera may move with the piece.

Introduce yourself and why you chose this song (s). you may have up to 20 seconds max for intro, name(s), icon, piece, icon

You may fb Connor for background or visit http://www.connorgarveysongs.com-bkOiA


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